A Night Train to Yamagata

  • A Night Train to Yamagata 00:00

 This recording is a sound recording of a train I was on in my trip from the city of Sendai to Yamagata. Why did I record it? Because the sound of this train coach moving forward was intriguing. The sound was so organized like a predictable percussion music rhythm. The sound was created from the collision between the metal wheel of the train coach with the rail connection. From the sound of it, the distance and quality of the rail connection was precise. Pay attention, even the acceleration and stoppage had an organized rhythm. The precision of these sounds, for no particular reason reminded me of the precision culture in the Japanese which was well known for being disciplined.

 The recording was then ended with an announcement. The first one was a woman’s voice from the recording machine and the second one was from the machinist. In several Japanese train, other than the announcement voice that had been previously recorded and played repeatedly through machines, there were also announcement which was still ‘manual’ like voice.

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