A Train at Sendai

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This is a recording of sounds in a train coach that I rode in from Sendai station to Natori. Started with footsteps of a pair of shoes from a woman who entered the coach along with the announcement from a recorded woman’s voice: “doa ga shimarimasu, go-chuui kudasai”, the door will be closed, please be careful. The train then went off again accompanied by the unique screeching sound from the coach going across the tracks.  

The sound of announcement in commuter trains across Japanese cities were very interesting to be observed. There were repetitive sentences broadcasted through speakers that were installed on the walls of the trains. For example: “gojosha arigatō gozaimasu” which meant thank you for riding, was usually announced when the train departs. Then “tsugi wa ….. (name of station)” or “mamoraku …..” which meant the next station is…. when arriving to the next station, and many more. 

If you stay long enough in Japan, you might actually remember these sentences, even memorize the characteristics of the male or female voice that read the recorded announcement. These sounds were also part of everday soundscape in Japanese cities.

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