A Train from Asakusa to Akihabara

  • A Train from Asakusa to Akihabara 00:00

This is a sound recording when I got off the Asakusa station after the trip from Akihabara to record the soundscape there. I recorded the sounds at Asakusa station on 2nd April 2019, around seven in the evening. 

The everyday sounds in the train coaches and Tokyo’s Metro station was in it’s own world of sound. The sound of steps from loafers (men) and heels (women) from office employees at the halls of stations especially during morning hours or home time from the office, the different sounds of hasha merodi for every station, sounds of announcement, engines of incoming and outgoing trains, opening and closing of the train’s piston door, conversations, and many more. Of course there was a time where these sounds hadn’t existed in this city. Because according to historical journals, the first train track to be built in Japan was in 1872, connecting Tokyo and Yokohama. Even then they still used a steam locomotive which of course produced a different kind of sound.

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