A Train to Nigatake Sendai

  • A Train to Nigatake Sendai 00:00

Along with the sound of the train engine coming to a stop, there was an announcement from the speakers inside the coach, “Tsugi wa Sendai, Sendai desu… O deguchi wa, migigawa desu” (next station: Sendai. The exit doors are on the left).

The train then stopped, along with the sound of the braked steel wheel squeaking on the train tracks. The piston doors were opened and people came out of the train. They then walked up the stairs to the exit gate or transit to other train routes. Shoe footsteps that were taking their time. People walking while having relaxed conversation. The atmosphere in Sendai station, the biggest city in the Tohoku district felt much more relaxed compare to the atmosphere of big stations in Tokyo, especially during rush hours (going to and from the office). In Tokyo, you could feel the rush from the sound of office employees’ shoe steps.

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