An Afternoon at Haneda Airport

  • An Afternoon at Haneda Airport 00:00

Finally this soundscape research was finished. It was such a relief. A truly colourful five month trip from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, then ended in Japan. Before ending everything, I recorded the last sound in Japan, which was the waiting room in Haneda Airport, Tokyo. My plane was scheduled to fly at 10.17 on Thursday, 30th May 2019. I arrived at the airport around 8 am to check in and do a serial of security checks, then sitting around relaxing in the waiting room while recording sounds. 

This morning the airport’s waiting room wasn’t so crowded. Music from the souvenir shop could be heard between the conversation of people waiting for the plane. Meanwhile the sound of signals from the electric cars to take passengers (that looked like those golf cars) could be heard. The melody was quite funny like the melody of children’s toy cars. I didn’t know why that melody was chosen. From afar, a staff took coins from the vending machine which was filled with assortment of drinks ( vending machines are very easy to find in Japan. The contents vary, from canned and bottled drinks, snacks, magazines, cigarettes). Then the sound of vacuum cleaner from the cleaning staff who was cleaning the waiting rooms carpet from afar also heard. These sounds accompany my mixed feelings, between happy and sad, because my research had ended. In a moment a Garuda Indonesia airplane will fly me back to Indonesia.

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