An Oration Near Sapporo Station

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A man around 40 year old delivered an oration at a corner of a street nearby Sapporo station. He orated in the middle of the crowd of people crossing the streets and walking by the sidewalks. Through a microphone connected to a portable speaker, the man gave his political aspiration towards the public which seems did not really listened to him. The tone of the oration is really interesting, as though watching (and listening) to a monolog theater performance. Listen to his articulation. The tones during political oration in Japan is one of a kind. At least throughout this research I recorded several political orations in different cities. 

In this audio record there is also the sound of conversations between people passing by, then the sound of the crossing signal from traffic lights. I used a handy recorder and slowly walked away from the man. While I kept recording I walked backwards heading to the alley under the crossover highway nearby Sapporo station. The interesting part at that point was the oration made by the man was still audible, echoed by the alley walls and caused a dramatic effect! Perhaps this is the nuance back when the sophists and Greek philosophers throws rhetorical questions and statements, delivering their produce of thinking to the public mass in public places or religious pioneers that used to have sermons also in public places. And of course, sounds are the prime media of the art of rhetoric.

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