Angkringan Fukuoka or Fukuoka Yatai!

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After travelling from the center of Japan all the way north, on the second Sunday in May, I decided to travel south. My main destination was Nagasaki. However, before going to Nagasaki, I decided to visit Fukouka. I did not really have a specific reason going to Fukouka and just let everything run its course. This was my first time in Fukouka. I took a Shinkansen and arrived in Fukouka around two in the afternoon, but the schedule for hotel check-ins in Japan was around four. This check-in schedule in Japan tormented me, because my work involved going from one place to another. In addition, the checkout schedule in Japan was 10 in the morning. I had to get used to this lifestyle. After having lunch and strolling around the area of Hakata, I finally checked-in right on time. I felt incredibly tired and decided to rest for a while.

I then woke up as the sun was setting. After getting the rest I needed, I grabbed my equipment and headed out to walk around the city of Fukouka. Without any specific plans, I stumbled upon something surprising, an “Angkringan” just like in Yogyakarta (angkringan is a typical of open foodstall/street vendor in Yogyakarta). I suddenly felt as if I was back in Jogja. Other parts of Japan usually have food sold indoors. 

 These “Angkringan” was actually what they called Yatai, an open food stall unique to Fukouka. Without a second thought, I went straight to one of the food stalls selling satay, beverages, noodles, and fish. Out of the blue, “nasi kucing” went through my mind. After ordering a fish dish, I set up my equipment close to where I was sitting. I recorded the conversations that took place in this small Yatai. I sat down between two Yatais, and the sounds from both of the Yatais were captured by my microphone. With a semi-opened tent, I felt very relieved and open. I could feel the happiness in the conversation between the people here, although I was not exactly sure what they were talking about. One of the cook here was especially funny and love to make jokes. The light conversation made me feel like I was back home in Java.

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