Beautiful Uguisu Bird Sound under Seto Ohashi Bridge

  • Beautiful Uguisu Bird Sound under Seto Ohashi Bridge 00:00

In the spring, the Uguisu bird, Japanese bush warbler / Horornis diphone, will start to tweet amongst the trees. Ho-hokekyyo… Ho-hokekyyo…” is the onomatopoeia of Japanese people of the Uguisu song. In the past, the uguisu are commonly referenced in many poems, such as Haiku and Renga.

I recorded this uguisu sound among the trees under Seto Ohashi Bridge that connects the island of Honshu, in Okayama, and Shikoku, in Kagawa prefecture. I recorded this from Kagawa, a few hundred metres from the Seto Ohashi Memorial Museum. In the spring afternoon, the sound of uguisu can be heard very clearly with its high pitched sound and unique rhythm. Their sound resonated from the bridge construction of Seto Ohashi Bridge, creating an interesting acoustic. It was as if the uguisu are tenor singers in the opera house. Their tweets were accompanied by the sound of vehicles above the bridge.

In the summer, the male uguisu will tweet more often in order to attract the females and protect their territory.

I want to end this part with an old poem written by Oe no Chisato (around 889 to 923 AD):

Uguisu no tani yori izuru koe naku wa
haru kuru koto o tare ka shiramashi

This translates to:

If not for the call
of the bush warbler coming
out of the valley,
who then would be aware of
the arrival of springtime?

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