Bird and Campaign Duet at Asahikawa

  • Bird and Campaign Duet at Asahikawa 00:00

This is the recording of an unintended collaboration between birds and candidates that were campaigning on the street that splits Chubetsu River, Asahikawa Hokkaido. I recorded this in Kitasaito Park near Asahikawa Station.

I intended to record the sound of nightingale that was flying above me, aside from the sound of crows. These birds were chirping continuously while they were flying higher above, which creates an interesting acoustic phenomenon. Their sound would get louder and smaller depending on their height.

However, right after I set up my recording set, a campaign car that passes the main road with its speakers. What can I do? I just recorded the two sounds. While recording, I thought to myself that this collaboration of sound is quite interesting. They both sound clear in the language of sound. The birds would sometimes tweet to protect the territory or to attract female birds, while the candidate would try to attract the public. Hopefully, this politician would listen to the public when they are elected. It is sometimes easier to speak than listen.

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