Birds Around Historical Seikatei

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In a glance, these bird sounds do not mean much. There are the sounds of crows and suzumes. What makes it different is only the history behind the place where they tweet. This is the sound of birds around Seikatei, a wooden historic house with west style architecture and Japanese details that was used as a resting house for Emperor Meiji in 1880 when he is visits Sapporo.

I stumbled upon it accidently, because it was only a blocks from my lodge. It felt as if I met a historic narration since the island of Hokkaido became part of Japan in the Meiji imperial era, 1869. The people of Ainu who were the locals of this island lost most of their land and had to assimilate under the rule of the Japanese Emperor. They then became a marginal group in their own land.

Perhaps I have filled these sounds of birds with the weight of history. Even though they only tweet instinctively. The city of Sapporo has also changed over time. Emperor Meiji had died over a hundred years ago, around the year of 1912. Under his rule, Japan opened up from being a feudal country to become modern. They also opened themselves to western culture and experienced many acculturations, along with advances in knowledge and technology. Even though that the Emperor was only sixteen when he stepped in to rule. 

Being among these bird sounds, I ponder.

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