Children Playing around Arashiyama

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While strolling through Arashiyama on the 7th of May 2019, I saw group of school children playing in an open field. It was not far from the famous bamboo forest. I was going to record the soundscape in the bamboo forest, but the sound of children playing was very attracting. Thus I decided to stop and record the event.

Boys were playing hide and seek, and the girls were playing a traditional game that I am not familiar with. The sound of them playing hide and seek is very unique. A boy would stay on the post and close his eyes while the other search for a place to hide. The seeker would count until zero and then search for his friends. In the recording, you can hear a boy counting with excitement. What is funny is that the boy would finally mumble the words and not count properly. Suddenly, the count was over. His friends who thought he cheated asked him to repeat the count clearly. This reminded me of my childhood in Java. Of course, this kind of game is popular everywhere in the world.

The boys were playing on my left hand side while the girls were on my right. I was sitting in the middle of that commotion with my microphone and other recording set. After playing, they became curious and approached me to ask what I was holding. After knowing that they were being recorded, some of the children screamed directly to the microphone. A teacher then came to me and asked what I was doing, so I told him the truth of what I was doing.

Kids, don’t grow up too fast. Adults often think too much and are too serious.

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