Children Playing Cards at Odori Park

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Odori park is a long stretching park that seems to separate the two side of Sapporo. It has become a public area. In the winter, this park can turn into a skating rink. On a Sunday spring just like this, this park is a perfect place to visit. There are a lot of couples going here with their children or pets, travellers taking pictures, women talking while their children are playing cards.

This is the recording of Japanese children playing cards. The four kids seemed to be indulged in their activity. Their way of speech while playing cards are very cute, around them are the sound of their mothers chatting and dogs barking.

This soundscape reminded me of the Hmong Children in the Dong Van Plateau in northern Vietnam. You can read and listen “Hmong Children Playing Cards” for the full description. Coincidently, they have the same activity, and the interactions within the groups are centred in the dynamics of the cards. On one side, the language is different from the one in Vietnam. Visually, the clothing of the children is also different. The Hmong children wear traditional clothing whereas the Japanese children wear more modern clothing: jackets, branded hat, and the newest model of sneakers. However, the character of their voice and the excitement they express are similar. Try listening to the two recording. I was felt as if I was back in the cold region of northern Vietnam and meeting the Hmong Children. It is as if the sounds have been duplicated thousands miles away.

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