Chubetsu River Asahikawa

  • Chubetsu River Asahikawa 00:00

This is the sound of the Chubetsu River that I recorded in Asahikawa, a few hundred metres from the train station. Chubetsu River flows from the hills of Daisetu, located in the middle of the Hokkaido Island, and split the Asahikawa City. In Japanese, Asahi means sun and Kawa means river.

The people of Ainu, the locals of Hokkaido, call this river Chubetsu from the word Chiu and Pet that means a ripply river or river of source.

Listening to the splashing water of Chubetsu River while reading the narration of the ainu people remind me of the Akira Ifukube, a great composer of Japan born in Kushiro Hokkaido. He is known to be inspired by and loves the traditional music and songs that are sacred to the Ainu people, which contain many ‘wave’ in its  melody.

The Chubetsu River flows along, and its waves seem to bring with it many historic stories.

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