Clock Beat inside Sapporo Clock Tower

  • Clock Beat inside Sapporo Clock Tower 00:00

This is the recording of the tick in the Sapporo clock tower. This clock machine is very large in size, bigger than a normal sized adult human. The gears of this clock are also enormous. The pendulum, which moves the gears, has made a loud tick sound in the Sapporo clock tower museum. The sound has a specific characteristic of metals moving. Above the mechanism is a metal rope that connects to the bell that would ring on top of the clock tower. This rope is what will move the bell with a complex mechanism. I did try to study the blueprint, but I was only able to find admiration to the ones that made this clock. It is a very beautiful work of art. This clock was created by the famous E. Howard & Co. watch company. It is a watch company that was founded in 1858 that are specialised in making large clocks.

Listening to this constant rhythm of ticking with two variety of sound, one high and one low, is like listening to a percussion music. Toru Takemitsu, a renowned contemporary composer once said “Music is the art of time”. Music can only made on top of a canvas called time, and clock is the indicator of time for human beings.

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