Fukuurajima Sea Sound

  • Fukuurajima Sea Sound 00:00

This is the sound of waves at the edge of Fukuura Island. I recorded this in the afternoon of April 12 2019.

In the year 2011, during the earthquake in Tohoku area that caused a tsunami, the beach area around Matsushima also received the impact. According to Eiju-san, my lodge owner, the tsunami destroyed the souvenir shops near the beach area. He added that it needed a long time to repair the damages caused to tourism there. I can only imagine the devastating sound of the wave.

On the other hand, the sound of the waves in present day is very calm. From the pine forest behind me, it can be heard the sound of birds that decorates the daily soundscape of the island. On the far side, near the small port of Matsushima, you can hear the sound of horn signals and boat engines.

In the middle of hearing the sound of waves, I ponder how Japanese people are very resilient, how they can recover from any kinds of devastating destruction.

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