Ginza Crossroads

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Ginza is one of the main shopping districts in Tokyo. This 87 hectare area is filled with various clothes boutique, shopping malls, bars, and sushi restaurants (Grandpa Jiro’s famous sushi restaurant is also located here). Furthermore, Ginza is also home to the famous Kabuki-za theatre building. 

This recording is a recording of when I was walking through the Ginza area before heading the Tsukiji market. It was in the morning, around 9am on 4th April 2019. People were still working in their offices. Among the conversations between people walking around the area you could hear a siren from an ambulance car crossing through the sreet of Ginza. Meanwhile, you could also hear the whistle blown by the traffic police. The main roads in Ginza were wide so the panorama of the soundscape felt distant to the ears. This morning, Ginza hadn’t shown it’s liveliness. There weren’t any bright lights from the lamp either of course.

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