Hirose River 2

  • Hirose River 2 00:00

This was the sound of the water stream in Hirose river that divides the Sendai town in Miyagi prefecture. I recorded the sounds in the afternoon under a bridge in the cold early spring of Sendai. My friend, Mizuki Aita san suggested me to record the sound of this river while I was staying at Sendai. 

These sounds felt so calm and peaceful. The water surface of the Hirose river where I was recording was quite shallow. Just a few centimeters above my ankle. The water was so clear and clean. It was said, that the Hirose river was one of the biggest home to river salmons in Japan. This river was quite rocky which helped made the distinctive splashing water sound when the not so heavy stream pass through the spaces between the rocks. Once in a while, you could barely hear flying birds the river. Truly a beautiful natural landscape sound amidst the life of people in Sendai which was headed toward modernization.

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