I Was a Sumo Wrestler

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Okazaki Kyoto Park was crowded with people on the 28th of April, just at the beginning of the golden week. On Sundays, Okazaki Park became market full of people selling food, drinks, and used books, CDs, clothes and many more. Not to forget some musicians who also played music here. But what really caught my attention and many other visitors was a strong man in a sumo costume. His stage name was Chanko Ponchya-san. 

Chanko-san introduced himself as a sumo wrestler, but had retired. He demonstrated sumo movements in this crowded park. Of course his presence was very interesting, very entertaining and funny. 

One moment after demonstrating various sumo movements, Chanko-san suddenly started to rap and used his sumo costume as percussion. He told his story as a wrestler. Very attractive!

I think I was very lucky to turn on the recording device at that time and managed to record Chanko-san’s voice for several minutes. This was an unexpected gift on a Sunday afternoon in Kyoto. Apart from adults, many children also loved Chanko-san. On this recording we can listen a kid who laughed because of Chanko-san

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