Ice melting and Falls from Zuiganji Temple Rooftile

  • Ice melting and Falls from Zuiganji Temple Rooftile 00:00

Zuiganji Temple in Matsushima I the start of spring.
The air felt cold. Cherry Blossoms just starting to blossom.
Blocks of snow starts to melt, one by one falling from the Temple roof down to the ground.
Telepok telepok, a Javanese onomatopeis, is how it sounded.
The ones that have melted run down faster, like a small water fall.
The sound splashes, calming the heart.
The atmosphere is relatively calm, except when a group of people passes by.
Birds chirping among the tree branches that emits silence.
It is very different from the crowded city of Sendai, 30 kilometres from here.
Here, at Zuiganji Temple, time feels as if it flows slowly.
There is no haste like in Tokyo rush hour.
Here, block of ice wait patiently to fall towards the ground because of gravity.
They go down slowly with a natural process, without acceleration or force.
In Zuiganji, time feel transcendent and spiritual.
It feels as if the blocks of ice are asking why we have to be forced to run.

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