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BIC Camera, right next to Yodobashi Camera, is a very famous electronic retail shop in Japan.  This shop is a shopping center for electronic equipments from computers, audio equipments, household electronic appliances, and many others. Shops like these are one part of the urban life in many cities in Japan. 

I recorded these sounds on 2 April 2019 in one of the store floors in BIC Camera Akihabara, Tokyo. In this recording, there was an announcement in Chinese that was of course directed to tourists from China that was shopping here. Then there were sounds of people conversing. For at least the last decade, the rapid development in China’s economy had caused rapid increase in the number of Chinese tourists that visited Japan every year. According to statistical data published by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), in 2018 the number of Chinese tourists that had visited Japan were the highest among foreign tourists, which was 8,380,034 visits. While visitors from Korea were second with 7.538.852 visits.   

During this research, I often bumped into Chinese tourists which oftentimes bought many  items from electronic, clothing, and souvenir shops. I didn’t want to write long paragraphs about the relation history between Chinese and Japan in many fields, since Buddhism, various cultures, trades to tourism. Though one thing stood out, This recording inside the BIC Camera shop seemed to represent one of the reality portraits about the relation between Chinese and Japan today. 

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