Inside Todaiji Temple During Golden Week

  • Inside Todaiji Temple During Golden Week 00:00

Being in the Todaiji Temple during the Golden Week feels very uncomfortable. This big temple in Nara is filled with people, international and local alike. It is so crowded that walking becomes a chore. It is peculiar to see a temple becoming one of the most visited tourist destination, especially during a long holiday like this one.

You can hear how crowded the Temple was. You can hear families talking to each other, and other sounds that transforms into one whole powerful sound that rings in your ear. There is also footsteps and camera shutters. These sounds echo through the Big Buddha Hall that has a high ceiling creating a great acoustic.

There was no serenity that afternoon. I wonder how it was when the temple was first opened in 752. Was it the same as it is now, full of people from different backgrounds, or was it peaceful, sacred for those who came to pray?

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