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In April 27th, my friend, Kumiko-san, offered me to go with her to visit Kei-san’s studio, her friend who is a sculptor. His studio is located in Toyooka, Hyogo prefecture. This studio named as B2 Works, which initiated by Kei Bito san and his wife, Marina san. It is approximately three to four hour from Kyoto.

Kei-san happily allowed me to record him while sculpting. You get a peculiar feeling when you record a sculptor in progress of sculpting his statue. The sound of the hammer hitting the chisel and when the chisel cuts the wood. Tak tok tak tok is probably the onomatopoeia.

After done sculpting, I gave the recording to Kei-san. With a smile he said it was like watching a ping pong match ‘tek tok’. “On the other hand, when I sculpt, I face something three dimensional. I can use my hands to measure the object. However, on this recording, it feels very different. I realized that the sound of someone sculpting Is quite interesting. Normally, I would only focus on the chisel and wood”, Kei san said.

This sound reminds me of a soundscape when people are busy working. From artists, steel workers, farmers, construction workers, factory workers, and many more. Humans, aside from being Homo Ludens, creature that plays, are also Homo Faber, creature that works, creates. This is where cultural artefacts are made.

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