Konnichiwa Song from Ice Cream Vendor at Otaru

  • Konnichiwa Song from Ice Cream Vendor at Otaru 00:00

After walking in Otaru, a small port city south-west of Sapporo, I stopped and bought ice cream in a famous vendor that is said to have sold ice cream for years. This vendor is located on the corner of the street, a few hundred metres from Otaru Station. In Japanese, ice cream is pronounced aisu kurimu.

This afternoon, while enjoying the ice cream, I listened to a unique song that is being played from a speaker in front of the vendor. It feels quite nostalgic since the speaker that is being used is an old model. The sound being produced is not perfect like an old radio.

After enjoying a tasty ice cream, I was tempted to record with my handy recorder. This is a song that I do not know the title of. Maybe someone from Japan can tell me. The lyric that is repeated is “Konichiwa, konichiwa” that means good afternoon. it was fitting with the current situation. On the other hand, you can hear sound of engines and also traffic from the street.

When hearing this recording, I can taste the ice cream I had back then.

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