May Day Mass at Yodoyabashi

  • May Day Mass at Yodoyabashi 00:00

When exiting from Yodoyabashi station, Osaka, I bumped into a group of demonstrators doing a long march to sound their aspiration. Such a coincidence during the day of May 1th 2019 which marks the Mayday. The people who contributed in this movement were in high number and consists of several groups. It seems like they also said their protest regarding the meeting of world leaders, G-20 which is going to be hold in Osaka on 28-29 of June 2019. This moment was priceless to be recorded. I then set up a microphone and taped from across the street.

Even though they have demonstrated to voice their aspiration, the Japanese are still polite and in order (listen closely to this record). Their culture and character can still be felt even during times like this. There were also a bunch of expatriates joining the act. The demonstrators line up tidily and voice their aspirations in order. Their chants are united, lead by a leader through megaphone. This chants resonates, bounces from tall walls around Yodoyabashi. While a couple of demonstrators also brought some musical instruments played in between the act.

This afternoon, those sounds fills the air of Osaka. One group’s sound appears, then they go with their footsteps, and slowly separating and gone. And then another group appears making a new commotion.

The hilarity of the act was still in control and tidy, no chaotic impression. It is interesting to study the soundscape when the Japanese does a demonstration like today.

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