Nagasaki Koukousei Singing

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This is the recording of High schoolers singing in Nagasaki Peace Park, in the afternoon of May 9th 2019. The students were singing before they take a moment of silence in front of the peace sign statue that have become the reminder of what happened in World War II.

When visiting both the Nagasaki Peace Park and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, I often see students taking a moment of silence or giving a set of flowers as a sign of empathy to the tragedy in the past. I cannot describe the feeling seeing those students giving respect to the victims. It was very emotional and pains the heart.

The students were not singing perfectly in term of technique. They were not in sync, and a few of the students are out of tune. There was even a student who had flu and kept sneezing. However, listening to it in the middle of Nagasaki Peace Park is something unforgettable. There were also students from another school. I hope that we always remember to keep the peace in the world.

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