Nagasaki Port Soundscape in the Afternoon

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Nagasaki has been the connector between Japan and other countries for hundreds of years. Even during the isolation period under Shogun Tokugawa, 1633-1853, Nagasaki’s port was still operating as a means of trading with other countries. For example, the Dutch traded with Japan through the man-made island of Dejima. China was trading with Japan, and the people of China settled in Shinci Chinatown. As an important port city, Nagasaki holds many historic narratives through its culture interactions.

While staying in Nagasaki, one of the soundscape I wanted to record was the soundscape of the port. This location is one of the prioritized spots during this research. I recorded this from afar, from the hills near Glover Garden to be precise. I feel that I was able to position the microphone better from above. I recorded 100 to 200 metres away from the port. The recording was done in 10th of May 2019.

From a distance, you can hear the sound of people unloading stuff from the boats, and the sound of construction. These sounds were produced by heavy machines on the port, a soundscape unique to modern ports. Once in a while you can hear the sound of boats passing by. You can also hear a dog barking continuously from one of the houses on this hill. There is also the sound of birds chirping an wind blowing. These sounds are now a daily soundscape in the modern Nagasaki Port. How do you think the soundscape of Nagasaki Port in the past?

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