Naoshima and Shamijima Sea Sound

  • Naoshima and Shamijima Sea Sound 00:00

The following is the audio of the sound of calm waves at the shore of Naoshima and Shamjima beach (medley). Naoshima is a small island in the Seto Inland Sea area. It lies between two big islands of Japan, Honshu and Shikoku. Now Naoshima and its surrounding is known for the art where a lot of artists showcases their creations. These islands is also the venue of Setouchi Trienalle, a famous art exhibition held every 3 year.  

Sitting by the beach and listening to the calm waves is such a meditative and reflective, as if I am having a dialogue with a zen guru. The sound of sea water against white sand is such a pleasure to the ear. Especially when the water flows back and leaves a soft noise between the gaps between sands. While afar, birds chirping from the island’s trees complements subtly. I slowly become one with the noises. As if I was sitting in a zen garden: between rocks, just like mountains and sands, croaking like waves.

Japan is a country made up of islands in East Asia with high chances of natural disaster (in one way, makes the citizen tough) also has breathtaking landscapes which has been an inspiration for centuries for their well-known artists.

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