Salesgirl at Takeshita Street Harajuku

  • Salesgirl at Takeshita Street Harajuku 00:00

One Saturday in the beginning of April in Harajuku area was a really crowded day. This fashion and lifestyle center for Tokyo’s youth had become one of the main attractions for civilians and tourists alike who wanted to go somewhere during the weekend. Especially, the beginning of April was the best moment because it coincide with the blossoming of the Sakura flowers. You could already feel the hustle and bustle since getting off the train from the Harajuku Station which was near with Yoyogi Park. 

 This Saturday afternoon (6th April 2019) people seemed to crowd, especially along the famous Takeshita shopping street. Here, to even walk you would often jostle and bump with one another. It felt like a full train coach because the pedestrian lane wasn’t big enough. It was crazy crowded!  

These crowd of people were not to be missed by the merchants and shopkeepers who sold clothes, souvernis, and foods scattered along this shopping street. This recording is a record of the sound of three clothe shopkeeper woman. Without weary and full of enthusiasm, they repeatedly shout to attract visitors to come by to their shop and buy goods. Calls like these are one unique soundscape in a shopping area in cities in Japan. Meanwhile, a police officer who was trying to organized all the hustle also gave announcements through a megaphone speaker. Hearing these sounds, the joy of spring in Japan felt like a joint festive full of colours.  

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