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This is one of the most popular sound marks in Sapporo: Sapporo Clock tower bell or Tokeidai. For tourist who visit Sapporo city, it is one of the must visit list. The building was built in 1878 and it was a training ground for Sapporo Agricultural College. It’s an American architectural style building and is one of the few surviving Western-style buildings in Sapporo. Currently, this is the oldest building standing in Sapporo. It’s near from Odori Park Sapporo. 

In July 1881 a big clock was brought from Boston and was installed in this building. This clock was created by the famous clock tower manufacturer, E Howard & Co from Boston Massachusetts.

When I visited the Clock Tower there was an explanation of how this manual clock mechanism was able to make sound. It was a really complex mechanism. It was amazing. This clock was very well maintained and continued to ring since 1881 till now. Such a great time machine. How many historical events in this town had occurred along with the clanging sound of this clock bell? 

The sound of the Sapporo Clock tower bell was very loud. It could be heard from a radius of hundreds of meters in the city of Sapporo. This bell sound resonantes in all direction. I recorded the sound of this clock at noon at 12 o’clock, so it rang for 12 times. When we listened and compared with the sounds of the visitors and the traffic around, the sound of this clock was very loud. This clock tower bell sound also symbolize a long history of relation between Japan and western culture. As we know that Hokkaido is one island that occupied by Japanese Goverment from Ainu people in 1869, shortly after Meiji period started. Then, Meiji restoration became a big door for western culture to enter Hokkaido, as well as another part of Japan.

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