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This is the lively sound in the waiting area in Sapporo Station, one afternoon in April 17th 2019. Just like the nuance in big stations, afternoons here is undoubtedly noisy. Starting from the train route announcements through the speaker, then the conversations and people passing by, and the sensor signal from the ticket checking machine. Actually not only during afternoons, mornings and middays too, the ambiance in Sapporo Station is oftentimes crowded due to its position, amidst Sapporo and also as the commercial shopping center. It gets quieter after 9 pm. Even so, the noises is still a level under big stations located in Tokyo and Osaka. I still remember how much the noise was in Shinjuku station especially during the after-work hours in the afternoon.

Fun fact: Sapporo station was built in 1880. If we take a look at the photo archive, stand the early Sapporo station building with western architecture, not as modern and as big as to Sapporo station now. Sapporo station building now is the outcome of reconstruction done in 2003, after the station went under renovations and changed building schemes a couple of times. The question is, how would a soundscape in Sapporo station years ago? Is it going to be quieter, or just as crowded? Are there any missing sounds?  But one thing is for sure: announcements through speakers hasn’t existed yet, because the technology was not yet found. Gramaphone, a device for recording audio was found by Alfa Edison in the year 1887, while loudspeaker with air compression design was first patented by an English engineer, Horace Short in the year 1898. That time, loudspeakers was not produced in a large amount for public areas, unlike now.

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