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I shivered in cold when I first arrive at the area of Shirahige, Biei, Hokkaido waterfall. It rained lighly at that time and a thick mist covers the area. The temperature reached -2 degree celcius. Thick snow covered the ground, making the footpath slippery. At one point I got a little panic with that current situation because the area was quite quiet. Not to add the bus that only comes every hour. It means I did not have any option to return to Asahikawa. If it is bright, I can still compromise with the snow. But light rain and a thick mist like this is really not a comfortable weather.

Thankfully there was an udon restaurant at an isolated corner in Biei that still opened, which was still reachable on foot. I filled my energy for a bit, resting from the cold air while eating hot udon. After an hour, the sky starts to get brighter and after that I walked to a bridge that is closest to Shirahige Waterfall. This waterfall is located below the bridge. Visitors can only enjoy the view from the bridge. Even so, the landscape was breathtakingly beautiful.

This record is the sound of Shirahige Waterfall from where I stood, which was the bridge. I set the microphone downwards, facing the waterfall. The distance between the bridge and the waterfall is about more than 10 meters. The color texture of the sound of this waterfall is really magnificent, don’t you think? As though the white noise character in the audio world. As you listen to it, the more meditation energy you get.

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