Soundscape from Genbudo Cave

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On April 26, my friend Kumiko Yabu-san took me to Kinosaki to visit Genbudo Cave in Akaishi, Toyooka. Toyooka is around 3-4 hours north from central Kyoto. This area is near the sea and is very beautiful.

We visited Genbudo Cave in the evening around 6pm before it was dark. A good moment as Kumiko-san said, because during the day this place was usually crowded with tourists and it would be difficult to record beautiful natural sounds.

The sound of gurgling water reflected on the walls of basalt rocks. It felt like enjoying a natural concert with natural reverb. Reflections were very distinctive compared to acoustics on concert halls. In ancient times of the Edo period, many people took stones from the Genbudo cave to build foundations for their houses, walls, and other infrastructure so as to make deep basins and sculptures here.

When I was recording, a bird sang very beautifully and its sound was also formed by a stone wall. It was truly a meditation with natural sounds in Japan. Kumiko Yabu-san also taught me many things about the science of sound recording because she is a musician and composer aside from being a sound engineer. I learned a lot especially about the placement of microphones to get good sound recordings.

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