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Do not get fooled. This is not the sound of real birds chirping. When I first got to Matsushima Station, at first I thought these noise comes from real birds because there were numerous trees around the small station. Turns out it wasn’t. This is the sound imitation of real birds blasted through loudspeakers on top of the exits of stations in Japan.  

When I was in one of Osaka’s metro station, I then recorded this bird chirp imitation’s sound. Sorry, I genuinely forgot the name of the station because there were many stations in Osaka such as Umeda, Namba, Osaka, Yodoyabashi, and more. That time I only had a transit and made short time to record this sound using a handy recorder before changing to the other train.

Why does this sound blasted through loud speakers put right above station’s exit way? I realized nowadays that this sound signal functions to direct blind passengers towards the exit. Just like how the signals in traffic lights work. This is one of the policy produced by the Japanese government in urban planning, to accommodate the blinds using sound mediums.   

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