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“Tokyo, Tokyo! Gojosha, arigatou gozaimasu”, “roku-ban sen, dowa ga shimarimasu, gochui kudasai…”. That is how the announcement sounds like from the loudspeakers in Tokyo station. Not long after that, hasha merodi or the station’s characteristic melody/tune can be heard along with the departing train’s engine roar, creating a beautiful panorama of sound.

Hasha merodi in Japanese stations has different tones (read and listen to: “A Journey from Station to Station in Tokyo with different Jingles”). Majority of the hasha merodi is the work of composer Minoru Mukaiya, who used to be the keyboardist for a famous fusion jazz group, Casiopea. Hasha merodi in Tokyo station is one of my favorites amongst other stations in Japan. The series of synthesizer tones sounds very energetic and futuristic. It meshes well with “Tokyo, Tokyo” announcement which to me sounds cool. Flashes of these noises reminds me of the nuance in Japanese’s futuristic cartoon, Astroboy. This morning of May 23rd 2019, the metropolitan Tokyo keeps going forward speedily into the future, between the coated workers stepping in nor out of the train.

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