Tourist from China Near Otaru Canal

  • Tourist from China Near Otaru Canal 00:00

The northern part of Hokkaido Island is also one of the favourite spots for Chinese tourists. It appears that the economic growth of China made the people able to go on vacations more. However, this is not an attempt to generalize. In Nagasaki, South Japan, this phenomenon also occurred. I could easily meet a Chinese tourist. There were thousands of them, and they usually came here by a ferry.

While I was recording in Otaru, the sound of Chinese tourist could be easily found. Otaru, a port city on the west coast of Sapporo, is famous for its beautiful canal scenery. It is very fitting to be a tourist attraction. There are many great spots to take pictures. In addition, it is only one and a half hour train ride from Sapporo Station.

 Like any other Asian tourists that come in groups, the tourists from China were very excited when taking pictures near the canal. The majority of them were middle aged women and men. Chinese tourists are usually noisy, chatting with each other in public areas. They are different from the Japanese people who are more quiet, but can be very noisy when they drink alcohol and getting drunk.

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