Traffic Outside Tokyo Imperial Citadel

  • Traffic Outside Tokyo Imperial Citadel 00:00

Approaching evening, people flocked out of the Tokyo Imperial Palace gate. The hanami ceremony ( the tradition of observing flowers in the Japanese culture ) was over for the day. The Tokyo Imperial Palace which had been opened for public since morning would soon be closed. The sakura flowers which were in the midst of peaking its blooming phase, were separated from the crowd of people, for now. Perhaps in this world, only the Japanese has the tradition of observing flowers (sakura) on a national scale. Hanami has become a tradition that is attached to the Japanese people, from ruler to ruler, from kingdom to kingdom. On the weekend in spring, people go to parks, roll out mats to sit and enjoy the beauty of the sakura flowers, chatting, celebrating the blossom of life. 

This recording are sounds outside of the Tokyo Imperial Palace area. I recorded it right on the side of the road opposite of the people who were going home after hanami. A traffic police officer and a staff were helping some of the people who were crossing the street to the Tokyo station (Tokyo Eki) which was located right across the Imperial Palace. Repeated announcements could continuously be heard from the officer holding the megaphone. Announcements on the street like this is very Japanese like. You would easily encounter this in major cities in Japan. While this evening the street wasn’t too congested with vehicles passing by. Spring in Japan was offering its vibrant energy with all its inhabitants. 


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