Walk on Yamadera

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This is the record I took using a handy recorder when I was going upstairs in Yamadera temple. This temple is located in Yamagata prefecture, around 20 minutes by train from Yamagata city station heading Northeast. Yamadera itself means temple (tera) and mountain (yama). This temple is built by the Ennin monk in 860 with the official name Hojusan Risshaku-ji temple.

To reach the uppermost part of this temple located at the peak of the mountain, we have to go through thousands of staircase with a steep slope. What made me wonder is the Japanese seems energetic and doesn’t seem tired at all while stepping on the staircases. I was even overtook by a group of elders who seemed to be around the age of 70s. Men and women who walked through me also sounded enjoying themselves through their lively and laughful conversation as if their steps are burden less. Just listen to this record. It’s marvelous! Even when it comes to walking, the Japanese are so tough and healthy. Which on my opinion, this walk was exhausting (you can hear my heavy breaths in this record).

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