Walking to Hiroshima Carp Stadium

  • Walking to Hiroshima Carp Stadium 00:00

When I was about to head to the Mazda Zoom-Zoom Baseball Stadium, the headquarters of Hiroshima Carp, I recorded sounds from the food and beverage sellers throughout the way towards the stadium. The pride of Hiroshima citizens, this stadium is located nearby Hiroshima station. Estimated at around 800 meter connected by an asphalted road which is not too wide on the sides of the train rail.  

This afternoon towards the match between Hiroshima Carp versus Tokyo Yakult, supporters came in huge numbers non-stop from the station area towards the stadium. They walked and they use their attribute of pride: Hiroshima Carp uniform in the color red and white. The hilarity of the supporter is used by the local residents to sell food, drinks, and souvenirs by the side of the roads. Some sells beer, soft drinks, hamburgers, hot dog, popcorn, etc. You can hear the sound when the sellers shout to promote their goods, such as ‘sapporo, sapporo!’ (a famous beer brand in Japan).

I recorded this using a handy recorder while walking until it produce this sound record. There were approaching sounds and sounds that went by behind me. It felt more attractive to record while walking like this compared to placing a microphone at one spot. 

Some sellers also uses megaphone to announce. Their tone is very attractive. The voice of these sellers is a typical Japanese soundscape. While conversations between supporters during the match can also be heard.

These sounds acts as an introduction before the hectic vibe inside the stadium during the baseball match. Oh, and don’t ask how fanatic the Japanese are about baseball. This sport is one of the most popular and in demand in Japan. Interesting, right?

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