Walking to Todaiji Temple

  • Walking to Todaiji Temple 00:00

The street heading to the Todaiji Nara temple during golden week is crowded with visitors that came on foot. I visited Todaiji on Friday, May 3rd 2019. From outside of Nara station, the pack of tourists can already be seen filling the streets. Local shuttle bus cannot accommodate the overflown visitors, so most people must walk to the Todaiji temple and Kofokuji, around 2 kilometers from the station.

This record is the hectic sound on the way to Todaiji temple, about 100 meters before the temple gate. There are kids, converastions, bike’s brakes creaking which sounds a little annoying to the ear, footsteps, and food sellers at sides of the road, and many more.

The great Budha temple is large in size and was built on 728 AD still radiates its magnificence and attraction. The difference is, if in the past majority of people came to the temple to pray, now most people there are tourists that wants to enjoy their holiday. But of course there are still believers who came to pray.

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