Zanthur Street Musician at Karasuma

  • Zanthur Street Musician at Karasuma 00:00

This is the recording of a street musician that played a zhantur instrument in the area of Kawaramachi, in the sidewalks of Shico-dori road nearby the river of Kamo Kyoto to be precise. Every night, along this road on the sidewalks, some musicians play instruments like minus one musics, saxophones, double headed guitar, some sings, and some plays zhantur like the one in this recording.

I record this street musicians because it felt so unique to listen to the color of zhantur instrument which originated from the age of Persian kingdom as the people in Shijo-dori, Kyoto passes by. While the musician were sitting cross-legged and put the instruments on the musician’s lap, he played very beautiful tunes. The strings of zhantur was beaten by a pair of mezrab, the sticks made by wood. He played very good and the music warmed the atmosphere of the semi-cold spring night in Kyoto. The cultural crossing performance was very interesting.


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