An Afternoon at Christchurch Melaka

  • An Afternoon at Christchurch Melaka 00:00

It was a Sunday afternoon, somewhere around Christchurch, one of the landmarks in Melaka. Anglikan Church that was built by the Netherlands colonists in the year 1753 no longer functions as a church. Now, the church has become one of the most popular tourist destinations.

During a hot afternoon here in Melaka, thousands of tourists take turns crowding the area in front of Christchurch that is not very spacious. An ice cream seller tries to grab the attention of the tourists by ring the bell he hung on the back of his cart. The bell clatters to the ear. Beside the ice cream was person selling toy birds, and was demonstrating the toy. The sound of toy birds flying through the air can also be heard. There is also the sound of a small girl’s shoes. While in the streets of Christchurch, I can still hear the music from pedicabs.

From the place I was sitting earlier, I walked a few metres to the fountain of Queen Victoria, which was built by the British Empire in 1901. The sound of splashing water sounded like an oasis in this heat. I then walked closer to the tourists who were taking photos with the Christchurch as the background. The tourists came from all over the globe, but the most noisy ones were the tourists from China that consisted of middle-aged ladies. They seem to be enjoying the environment. The panorama of sound here in Christchurch is very colourful.

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