Birds at Jonker Street

  • Birds at Jonker Street 00:00

This is not an Avant Garde electronic music creation. This is the sound of birds chirping from the trees of Jonker Street, Malaka, at night. The sound even overwhelms the chatter of people in this crowded street. In addition, the sound of the birds reaches 2000 Hz to 5000 Hz in frequency. The birds chirp continuously on these no so tall trees, not more than 7 metres. The sound was very chaotic and condensed. You can imagine the noise I hear while recording right below it. This reminded me of the time I recorded the sound of birds near Old City Chiang Mai.

There was something interesting when I was recording the birds. At the beginning, there was a paddler passing by in the street. Usually, these paddlers are equipped with speakers that play various music. What was interesting was one of the intro to a song was “make some noise, blab bla bla…”. That sentence seemed to fit the sound of the birds perfectly. They have actually “made it”. It was a really interesting audio sensation, especially being surrounded from above like this. However, staying to long in this high frequency environment can be very tiring. Hahaha.

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