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This is a recording of an audio advertisement that was replayed in a souvenir shop in Bukit Bintang, and was broadcasted through a 12 inch wide loudspeaker. This was recorded at ten in the morning when Bukit Bintang was not yet crowded, because this place will be packed when night time comes, especially in weekends. Bukit Bintang is the centre of entertainment in Kuala Lumpur.

Aside from visual images, like billboards, posters, photos, pictures, writings, or lights, sound is also a media for advertisement. This audio advertisement can be seen everywhere, such as merchants selling their goods, music being played from a smartphone store, audio advertisement in Japan cities, and other examples. Technology of recording and broadcasting also play a big role in this advertisement.

Back to Bukit Bintang, this audio advertisement was in Melayu, English, a mix of both and Arabic. Why did I record this sound? Because it sounds interesting when you hear it continuously, especially because we do not know whose alluring voice it uses. He is a truly good salesperson. Whether people came and buy something is a different matter. This electronic announcement reminded me of rap music, which sounds like a mantra. Technology have allowed the repetition of sound which would be impossible for human because lack of stamina. Although we often hear merchants offering their goods non-stop, the presence of machine allowed the creation of a different form. For example, the ‘real’ seller would sometime call out their product along with the broadcast, and it would create a counterpoint of announcement. Rhythmically, the electronic announcement will not experience a change of intonation. Energy wise, electricity allows the announcement to play non-stop until it is stopped. If observed closely, this constant repetition can be quite interesting.

Welcome to clearance house
Murah murah dari lima ringgit up to 90% discount
Everything is start from five ringgit up to 90% discount
We have wallet, watches, belt, perfume, handbag and many more up to 90% discount
Welcome. Mari-mari, murah-murah

It keeps going and going. If you are affected by the sound, you can visit Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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