ETS Train to Butterworth

  • ETS Train to Butterworth 00:00

This is a recording of a long-distance train from Kuala Lumpur Sentral to Butterworth, last point before I was going by ferry ship to Penang Island. In this recording, you can hear an announcement in Malay that is amplified through a speaker. There is also a passenger speaking Indian on a phone. In a low frequency area, you can hear the engine as typical as a plane engine, even though it is not as fast as a Shinkansen train in Japan.

This is the only recording of Malaysian train in this research. To be honest, I did record several times in a train station. However, after reviewing the recordings, I did not find any that is interesting. For example, a good soundscape and atmosphere that is unique. Not so many colourful sounds. It can be said that this is a challenge in this research, even though I have recorded in many places for a long time.

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