Indian Sermon at Kapitan Keling Mosque, Penang Island

  • Indian Sermon at Kapitan Keling Mosque, Penang Island 00:00

In my second night in Penang, I recorded sermons in Malay and Adzan from this mosque. It was in Malay, but I heard a sermon in Indian on the last night before leaving for Malacca and decided to go back to my hotel to take my portable recording device to record it. I recorded on the Buckingham street corner.

I found the sermoner voice is very interesting and musical. First, the Indian language itself has a very interesting gesture naturally. Then this sermoner made several accents, strong words repetitions in a perfect rhyhtm and intonation. I guess, it’s not an easy task to be a sermoner because you must have a great sense of sounds, in to make the sermon interesting and attractive. The sound of sermon projected from the Mosque and mixed with the street noise. On this recording we can hear the sound of motorbikes, cars, honk on the streets of Georgetown which began to settle down at night, during the Isha Prayer in Penang which usually happens after 8.30 PM.

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