Night Walk at Little India Penang

  • Night Walk at Little India Penang 00:00

This is a recording when I was walking through Little India George Town Penang, Malaysia. I recorded this at night, around half to nine Malaysian time, specifically during Isya. You can hear adzan Isya from Kapitan Keling Mosque from afar, a few hundred meters from where I was. At the same time, there was Indian traditional songs from a speaker hung in front of a store selling traditional clothing of India. The Indian song seemed as though it merges with the sound of adzan creating a multicultural atmosphere in this society.

I was walking while recording with my handy recorder in hand through that small Little Indian road. Most streets in George Town are small and emit a unique atmosphere of small countries. The atmosphere is relatively calmer and more reserved than that of most streets in Kuala Lumpur. The frequency of cars and motorcycles are quite low. Another interesting thing is that there are a lot of motorcycles form the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. You can hear them yourself in the recording.

A night in George Town is a perfect time to relax and relief stress after a long day of research in the blusterous Kuala Lumpur. Walking at night here, you can still come across yourself in the shape of small thoughts and contemplation.

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