The World of the Lord from St. Peters’ Church

  • The World of the Lord from St. Peters’ Church 00:00

17th of March 2019, it is the day of Sabbath at St. Peters’ Church. This is the sound of the pastor reading the words of god. Regarding the history of this church, I have mentioned it in the recording description titled “St. Peters’ Church Bell”. The pastor read the words of God with a wise and calm tone. It sounded like a voice which calms our heart and gives us hope and faith. The small room in St. Peters’ gave an echo effect to the voice of the pastor which was transmitted through loudspeakers on the walls of the church. The rest are the stillness and ambience of the room, except for small sounds of children. The people who came to the church listened whole heartedly. Sound is one of the media used by God.

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