Lau Pa Sat Foodcourt Bell

  • Lau Pa Sat Foodcourt Bell 00:00

This is the recording of bell sounds in the famous Lau Pa Sat foodcourt of Singapore. If you plan on going for a grub in Lau Pa Sat, you will hear these bells which are hung on the tower right in the middle of the Lau Pa Sat building. These pretty large sized bells can be seen from beneath. To use Murray Schafer’s term, the Canadian composer and was one of the pioneers of soundscape research, these bell sounds are the “soundmark” from Lau Pa Sat, despite the hectic noises from the crowds having their lunches or dinners.

Etimologically, the name Lau Pa Sat itself originated from the Chinese Pinyin Lǎo Bāshā  which literally means Old Market. This place is also known as Pasar Telok Ayer in Melayu language. A little information about Lau Pa Sat, that the building was first made in 1824 and was originally a fish market around waterfront area that serves the people in the early colonial government period, and then was rebuilt in the year of 1838. In the year 1894, this building was relocated and was rebuilt in the current location, Raffles Quay.

If you plan on going for dinner in Lau Pa Sat, don’t forget to listen and enjoy the sounds of these bells as a complement to your food and drinks.

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