Sunday; Immigrant Workers Holiday in Front of St. Andrew’s Cathedral

  • Sunday; Immigrant Workers Holiday in Front of St. Andrew’s Cathedral 00:00

Singapore, a metropolitan city state in Southeast Asia, is also a working place for many immigrants from other countries in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, etc. Since Sunday was a holiday, the workers gathered on the front yard outside of St. Andrew’s Cathedral, across from the National Gallery of Singapore. They gathered and mingled, celebrating their holidays with friends. At the same place a few days before, there were no people gathered. It was just like a normal street for pedestrians. On this Sunday however, this place is full of people. I recorded the hustle and bustle of the workers who laughed and chatted in various Southeast Asian languages. They seemed to really enjoy meeting one another. I felt very sentimental, being far away from home myself. In the midst of Singapore’s busy modern life, which in my opinion was rather ‘cold’, ignorant, and tends to be individualistic, the hustle and intimacy of the workers who were so loose and intimate was so interesting. It’s like a community. I imagine, tomorrow they all had to return to their workplaces and be immersed in the domestic areas of their work. Then next Sunday would be a nice time to meet with friends again.

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