Adzan from Banhaw Mosque Chiang Mai

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One of the sounds I really want to record while I was staying in Chiang Mai was the Adzan, because the number of mosques here in Chiang Mai is very little compared to the number of Buddhist Temples. I have recorded many sounds from the Temple in my stay at Chiang Mai. The majority people in the Northern and Central Thailand are Buddhist, but the Southern part of Thailand, which connects directly to Malaysia, is populated by many Muslims. 

In the afternoon of 31st of January, I recorded the sound of adzan from the Hidayatul Isla Ban Haw Mosque located in the streets of Charoen Prathet, around one kilometre from Thapae Gate, Old City. This mosque is the largest mosque in all Chiang Mai, and one of the seven Chinese Muslim Mosques in Chiang Mai. Yes, this mosque was built in the 19th century by the Chinese Muslim people, often called Chin Ho or Yui, that are mostly from Yunan. Today, the mosque is used not just by the Chinese Muslim, but also the people from India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and also the Muslims of Thailand.

The street of Charoen Prathet is home to the Muslim community of Chiang Mai. A couple of halal restaurants can be seen in the street, and also some places that sell Muslim clothing. Across the streets is the Kalare Night Market that is usually visited by both tourist and locals. After waiting for around 15 minutes, the adzan finally starts. The recording set was ready. Some people looked confused seeing what I was doing. 

When I listened to the playback, I noticed some difference in the adzan. One of the difference is the intonation in which the adzan is spoken. The intonation was rather flat, especially at the end of the sentence. Of course, I compared it to the adzan back in the island of Java. Another difference I noticed is how rarely you get to hear adzan here in Thailand. in Java, you can hear adzan from almost anywhere. On the other hand, the adzan in Thailand are very rare. The nearest mosque from where I was recording is the Nurul Mosque located near Chang Puak Gate, Old City, around one kilometre away from where I was recording. In a couple of cities in Java, you can hear adzan from all directions as though they are shouting at one another.

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